full support solutions for all of your computer and website needs

Remote Tech Support

Setting up email? Troubleshooting software? Software training? We can help. B &D Servicing has remote support available for our clients. Give our technicians a call and after a simple download and launch of the program, we can log into any system and help with many solutions.


Malware/Adware Removal

Today it is so very easy to inadvertently install both “Malware” and ” Adware”  These commonly slow down personal computers and laptops and in some cases, have malicious intent.


Most commonly this kind of software is something that is installed on a personal computer or laptop with a free downloadable program.  Free downloadable programs typically install other items on the users program. In most cases, the user is unaware of these occurrences and these programs will slow down the speed of the computer. Our technicians can remove these programs and return it to its former speed and performance.


Malware is the ugly cousin of Adware. As the name implies it’s a “malicious intent” and these programs are also usually attached to other free downloadable programs. These harmful programs can damage a computer, hold it hostage (Ransom Ware) or completely destroy files and operating system. Removal of these can range from simple software removal to complete reinstall of the operating system.

Computer Restoration

Sometimes it time to just start over and we are here to help! Files are deleted by mistake or a computer system is infected and nothing will rid it of its problem. In most cases, we have 24 hours computer restoration.

Computer Upgrades

Computer not fast enough? Let us upgrade your computer! Most common upgrades are memory, hard drives or for desktop computers an upgraded video card.

No matter how small or how big, we can handle it.