Let our web building pros build your site. Select one of our professionally built templates and allow us to turn it into a stunning website branded specifically for you. Add your brand logo, change colors, information and add your own images. Why waste time and energy trying to build your own website? We can build, maintain and host your site. Includes a mobile friendly version.

In need of a professionally built website?

Template sites that can be customized to your business needs! Click on the templates below to see a live preview.

Get a website Professionally developed for $40/month!

Website Packages include:


Free Hosting. We host our website at no additional charge.


Choose a template website that we will customize for your business. We have new templates coming out daily. Take advantage of our professional web designers with beautiful eye catching templates.


15 minute consultation with an Account Manager. Have questions? An Account Manager will schedule a 15 minute conversation to help you get started.


2 hours/year of website changes/updates. Things change! We know it. We will make changes and updates to your website to keep your site current.


Up to 5 email addresses. Professional email address with your domain.com. We can even setup your emails to be forwarded to your Gmail accounts.


30 day money back guarantee. That’s right! If you are not satisfied with the service you can get your money back guaranteed.

Get Your Professional Website in 24 hours

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We ask you questions to get to know your website theme.

We speak with an Account Manager

You send us the information, we add your content to the template.

It’s that simple!

A professional website enhances your digital presence.  We know it can be difficult to pay the expenses of a custom designed website.  Many of our customers have told us other web development companies are too expensive.  There are free or cheaper website options available but most of them are self-serve only with little support.

We are here to help! Let our team of web developers build your website!   Fast!

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B & D Servicing made a masterpiece of a website. Cost effective and worth every penny of what I’m paying for. I tried other sites that cost a little more and I wasn’t pleased. They were self-service sites where I had to drag and drop my ideas and imcroppedages. B & D ask me a few questions, I spoke to an account manager within 24hours, and then they went to work. The outcome is awesome. My site looks like a business site but is more friendly, just the way I like it and how I live. I look forward to working with them in the future, updating my menu and adding a click-to-order delivery part to the website.

Paul Smythe


“Paul Smythe’s Twisted Fried Chicken & Waffles”

Newburgh NY 12550

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